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The AKRacing Difference Artisanal design with comfort and quality in mind First in automotive sports, and then expanding to gaming and office furniture, AKRacing has been in business since Trusted by major retailers. The choice of eSports pros. Up your game.If you have forgotten your Log-in ID and password, click here. Over design application ideas collected from dozens of industries!

Log in to download free CAD models. Download CAD for the entire application example! For Linear Guide applications, sufficient hardness is required for ball contact shafts. Incorrect material hardness causes less allowable load, resulting in shorter life. Please correct the rated life according to the hardness factors.

Please correct the rated life according to the temperature factors. In actual applications, 2 or more blocks per shaft are generally used. In this case, the load applied to each block varies depending on the precision of the machining, but is not uniformly distributed.

Welcome to RoDan Fire Sprinklers, Inc.

To calculate load applied to the Linear Guides, in addition to object weight, it requires inertia force. However, it is difficult to obtain accurate calculations due to potential vibrations and impacts created during the reciprocating motion, beyond the normal start-stop motion.

The press-fitting anvil is retained with a tension spring and linear guide. A lever is used to operate the press-fitting anvil. Thank you for downloading the data. This data is utilized in order to list more useful application examples in the future. Part Number Checker. Nickname Management. Helpful application examples for mechanical engineers. Upper right corner on the page of application example details. Pop-up dialog for CAD data downloading.

Keyword Search. The corresponding application example does not exist. Please input application example No. Good IDEA! Miniature Linear Guide. Technical calculations. Spring Anchors.Here we review a case where, due to unfortunate circumstances, a student made a unique diagnosis central to proper patient clinical care, wished to write up the case subsequently, but was ultimately excluded from the final work stemming from the patient case.

The medical specifics of this case will be generalized to maintain anonymity. A third-year medical student, on a mandatory inpatient rotation, was assigned to care for a patient with an unusual constellation of neurologic symptoms. When approached by the student about the possible diagnosis, the attending physician did not feel strongly about the suggestion. After discussing it privately with the attending physician, the senior resident was able to convince the attending physician to consult a specialist team.

A fellow from the consultant team assessed the patient. The medical student discussed the potential diagnosis with the fellow, and provided the consultant team with printouts of the case reports.

The fellow informed the medical student that the patient could not possibly have such a diagnosis, because it was a rare complication of a disease the patient did not have.

With time, both attending physicians of the primary and consultant team decided to include the rare diagnosis in the differential. A biopsy was performed, and confirmed the rare diagnosis. Definitive treatment could now be initiated. At this time, the medical student proposed write up of the case with the primary team attending physician.

Enthusiastic at the time, the attending physician agreed it was worthy for publication since it would be the first presentation of this disease without antecedent disease history. However, the attending physician stipulated any write-up should wait until evidence the patient responded to therapy. One week later, the attending physician rotated off service. The student completed the inpatient rotation. Four months later, the patient was found to have responded to treatment, but the student was unable to reach the attending to confirm the next step in writing up the case.

Five months after initial accurate diagnosis of the patient, a different resident reached out to the student about writing up the case as an abstract for presentation at a national conference. The student responded, but still pursued writing the case as a manuscript, and could not receive confirmation from the resident or the initial attending physician.

When the student happened to rotate through the consultant service that same month, he discussed the unique case with the specialist attending physician.Facebook Twitter color RGB value is 0,0, Cylindrical-coordinate representations also known as HSL of color hue: 0. The process color four color CMYK of color hex is 1.


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To find out more about the cookies we use, see our Privacy Policy. Toggle navigation. Get Info. Facebook Twitter. Shades of Triadic Colors of Analogous Colors of 3a a Monochromatic Colors of Complementary Color This div border color is Css3 Examples. Related Colors. Comments No comments written yet.Enter coordinates for a subrange of the query sequence. Sequence coordinates are from 1 to the sequence length. The range includes the residue at the To coordinate.

Use the browse button to upload a file from your local disk. The file may contain a single sequence or a list of sequences. Enter one or more queries in the top text box and one or more subject sequences in the lower text box. Reformat the results and check 'CDS feature' to display that annotation. Enter coordinates for a subrange of the subject sequence.

Select the sequence database to run searches against. Enter organism common name, binomial, or tax id. Only 20 top taxa will be shown. Start typing in the text box, then select your taxid. Use the "plus" button to add another organism or group, and the "exclude" checkbox to narrow the subset. The search will be restricted to the sequences in the database that correspond to your subset. This can be helpful to limit searches to molecule types, sequence lengths or to exclude organisms.

SEC Filing Details

Enter a PHI pattern to start the search. PHI-BLAST may perform better than simple pattern searching because it filters out false positives pattern matches that are probably random and not indicative of homology.

Maximum number of aligned sequences to display the actual number of alignments may be greater than this. Automatically adjust word size and other parameters to improve results for short queries. Expected number of chance matches in a random model. Expect value tutorial.


The length of the seed that initiates an alignment. Limit the number of matches to a query range. This option is useful if many strong matches to one part of a query may prevent BLAST from presenting weaker matches to another part of the query.

Assigns a score for aligning pairs of residues, and determines overall alignment score. Reward and penalty for matching and mismatching bases. Cost to create and extend a gap in an alignment. Matrix adjustment method to compensate for amino acid composition of sequences. Mask regions of low compositional complexity that may cause spurious or misleading results.

Mask repeat elements of the specified species that may lead to spurious or misleading results. Mask query while producing seeds used to scan database, but not for extensions. Total number of bases in a seed that ignores some positions. Specifies which bases are ignored in scanning the database.

You may search a different database than that used to generate the PSSM, but you must use the same query. Pseduocount parameter. If zero is specified, then the parameter is automatically determined through a minimum length description principle PMID A value of 30 is suggested in order to obtain the approximate behavior before the minimum length principle was implemented.Activate global ranking to boost competitiveness among users.

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Table of contents Main features Complete features Combine it with Versions and pricing Technical tutorial The predictions app lets you challenge your fans to predict, guess and make their bets about the results of a future event. Predictions Combine it with.


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Our teamMarko Founder of duplaonica.This was one of the best organised holidays that we have been on having travelled in the USA, Canada and Europe.

He accommodated everything we wanted to do, and it was so easy dealing with him. Everything on the trip was absolutely fantastic. The only thing we wanted was more time!. The holiday was amazing, we loved it so much and both want to move to Iceland. After doing a lot of searching and reading online through various tour companies this was by far the most complete with the most combination of activities that I wanted.

Normally, I book everything on my own to try and save money where I can, but having the logistics and bookings handled by someone else was a big relief given such a huge schedule and amount of ground to be covered. Communication was very good, all questions answered and I was taken care of very well. Tried my hand at the photo of the month contest offered and was lucky enough to win it. Very cool experience and very happy with everything. Would definitely recommend to others and be ready to book more adventures for myself when the time comes.

Fantastic experience for a family of 4 - the girls enjoyed it very much. The weather was great and we saw so many amazing things including the Northern lights :) We all loved it - thanks for arranging. He made the experience pleasant from start of investigation through the entire process.

The welcome pack was fantastic and the simple inclusion of a local mobile was a masterstroke. We honestly cant say enough good things about Nordic Visitor and Iceland in general. She was very helpful and accommodating. Due to my travel dates being outside the original tour allotted time, I was easily able to add dates and activities.

I felt her services were individualized and felt that my needs and interests were met. I will keep Nordic Visitor in mind the next time I plan a solo trip. Our experience with Nordic Visitor is absolutely delightful. We are very impressed by the professionalism of the staff and the seamless organisation of the tour.