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1974 chevy c10 towing capacity

The "C" indicated the truck was a standard cab with two-wheel drive and the "K" was the designation for four-wheel drive trucks. Inthe Chevy C half-ton truck had a redesign that changed the looks and power of the vehicle.

1974 chevy c10 towing capacity

The Chevy C pickup truck was available with a choice of engines. The 4. An optional inline-six was cubic inches and 4. The high-output cubic inch 7. The medium output cubic-inch engine had horsepower at 3, rpm with hp printer keeps restarting at 2, rpm. Finally, Chevy offered the cubic inch with horsepower at 3, rpm with foot-pounds of torque at 2, rpm.

Forbody styles included a fleetside body, which was straight box, or a stepside body, which had a curve.

The C had two new wheelbases: one of The truck had an overall length of The width in the front was New styling included striping on the side and the hood. An optional extended cab was available.

1974 chevy c10 towing capacity

InChevy offered automatic door locks and powered windows for the first time. Chevy offered four different options packages, custom deluxe, Scottsdale, Cheyenne and Silverado. The Cheyenne package had bench seats and full-depth padded seats with backrests.

The seats had an all-vinyl seat cover or vinyl and nylon cloth seat cover. Other features included custom steering wheel and an ashtray mounted cigar lighter. Options included power steering, power brakes, electric clock, heavy duty shocks and rally wheels.

This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. Special Features InChevy offered automatic door locks and powered windows for the first time.

About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how! Send Private Topic View Profile. She did originally have the tow package that came from the manufacturer because she has the trailer light plug, the original tow bumper and what I think used to be a trailer brake hook up.

Execution time: 0. All times are GMT Pacific. Current time is PM Top. Attach Photos to Posts. Contact Us. My Cookies. Frequently Asked Questions. Forum Rules. UmBull is running and running very well But new question Trying to find the towing capacity for her. Unfortunately the sticker on driver door was sanded off during her prep paint job. I will assume that the smaller radiator in front of the larger one is the trans cooler.

I know the new engine after breakin and tranny can handle it, I hope, but what about the leaf springs? Should I get some added support like Hellwigs helpers or??

I know I need to add a new trailer brake system but which one is best but affordable? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated! Its a R4 transmission with OD Found a website with alot of details But still unsure what and if she can tow my 5th wheel. Just wanted to know I appreciate it the honest response What is the max towing that can be placed?How to make your first post on C10trucks.

It has the factory rear bumper with the hole in it for the trailer ball. Thanks, my email is al55king yahoo. Or is it a 4X4? Posts: 93 Ive got a 70 like you describe.

Its a former Hwy dept truck. And It will tow lots more than it can safely stop. On a long grade loaded heavy the drum brakes will quickly fade. Posts: 1, So Old Truck Man, is it still a half ton? Or could it be a 4 wheel drive? I've never seen a C10 with leafs unless it was 4X Posts: 1, I wonder what made the difference whether you got trailing arms, or leaf? Was it a special order? Coils were are a smoother ride.

Frames configuration are the same just different suspension set up. C20s had a slightly thicker frame. Posts: 1, I kinda like the leaf spring. Posts: 93 Most of the GMC are rear leaf springs. Al King. Hello I just purchased a chevy c but need to know its towing capacity, it is equipped with a V8 with the factory 4 speed trans, leaf springs in rear with positraction, does anyone know the answer?

Remove Advertisements. Welcome To C10Trucks, it almost sounds like a C Find all posts by ProMetalShop. To C10 Trucks Think I'd look at the ID tag in the glove box if its still there it may tell you what your looking for Post some pictures when you get time. Old Truck Man. Ive got a 70 like you describe. So Old Truck Man, is it still a half ton? Steve my 71 C10 had leafs and was 2wd.Welcome, Guest.

Please login or register. With an automatic overdrive you are never supposed to tow in OD. That is not a lot of weight for pulling.

You should have no problem. However, I strongly urge you to put on a transmission external cooler. Heat kills transmissions. All trucks set up to pull have external coolers. They attach on to the front of your radiator. You can take one of your trans to radiator lines off and hook it into the kit that comes with the cooler. It doesnt take long and they are cheap for what they do. I have a 35, lb pulling cooler on my 79 Stroker Big 10 and on my 91 sub.

I pull a 7k lb camper with both of my trucks over the Blue Ridge Mts. No problem. The rpms will increase to take advantage of the proper rpms to pull for maximum power. Heck, you should, depending on your rear end ratio, be able to go mph in L2.

Can't reply on your specific year, but maybe the following would help: Our 79 Scottsdale K10 4wdwith a 5. The original tranny is still doing just fine.

77 Chevy C10 Pickup Specifications

Our 97 Suburban c15 2wdwith a 5. Granted, 18 years newer, but figured I'd throw that in. I never tow in overdrive, and if in the mountains, which I have been with the camper, I will manually shift if the transmission begins to "hunt", i. However, pulling plus a dolly, with a light bed load, IMO, should be just fine. Just make sure the tongue weight is not excessive.

I dont' know the weight of your "dual axle cabin trailer", but they can get very heavy by the time you get them loaded. No way to know how much weight you were really pulling on The actual weight you were lugging up the hill might really surprise you.

Hope this helps a bit. Working on the truck with my son Life doesn't get any better than that! It's everything. PS make sure you strap it down right lol i seen a couple um non americans strap a car to a uhaul and they evidently went pretty far b4 they had to stop at the autozone i worked at and they had to back up out of the parking lot and they never strapped the car right so it rolled over the dolly and they were trapped in the parking lot till a tow truck came hand helped them out.

Logged www. Logged Working on the truck with my sonThe redesign was revolutionary in appearance at the time, particularly the cab, departing from typical American pickup truck designs of the era. Aside from being near twins, the Chevrolet and GMC pickups looked like nothing else on the road. There were two types of pickup boxes to choose from. Initially, only wood floors were available. The Rounded-Line generation ultimately ran for a lengthy 15 model years — with the exception of the Crew Cab, Blazer, Jimmy, and Suburban versions, which continued up until the model year.

The latter system was introduced for In High the center differential was unlocked and allowed the front and rear propeller shafts to slip as needed for full-time operation. The system could be manually shifted into High Loc which locked the center differential for a locked torque split. Low and Low Loc applied reduction gearing with or without lock, depending on the mode selected. Neutral was also available for use of the PTO.

They remained in this configuration up to the model year. These replaced the outdated and inadequate lap belts previously used. A center lap safety belt with slack adjustment was provided for the center occupant. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.All Classified forums require a Site Supporter subscription. Welcome, Guest.

Please login or register. News: All Classified forums require a Site Supporter subscription. Author Topic: Estimated towing capacity? Read times. It seems finding out published numbers for our trucks isn't easy. Apparently GM didn't publish numbers back in the day in the owners manuals. Instead they referred people to see their dealer. Anyway, anybody know where I could find this out? This is how my truck is configured.

But I guess it's the longer length and heavier weight that makes them more stable, eh?

Towing Capacity Chart

Edahall Frequent Member Posts: My dad has a similar year Blazer configured like your truck other than it being 4 wheel drive and he tows a lb. With your setup, the biggest issue will probably be sway due to the short wheel base however, a Hensley or Pull-Rite hitch would dramatically improve stability.

Tires with heavy sidewalls also improve stability as well. The next issue would be the transmission heating up if you are going to pull any long grades. A tranny cooler helps but I would also monitor the temperatures with a temperature gauge. Without a lock up torque converter, these trannies can heat up quickly. Logged 85 Chevy Silverado C10 short, wide, yellow, 2wd.All Classified forums require a Site Supporter subscription.

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. News: All Classified forums require a Site Supporter subscription. Hey all I'm new here and looking for opinions or facts if you got 'em about putting a crate motor in my 74 C Cheyenne.

Chevrolet C/K

I've only had the truck a few weeks, so we're still getting to know each other. I pulled my 30' camper a couple of hours down the road for Memorial Day weekend with no issue I couldn't get it over 50 mph in that wind.

It feels to me like I need more torque. One of my big concerns is that I might snap the cam or crank in this 40 year old engine.

Or burn up a piston. I'm always a little wary of the "cheapest" option I believe you usually get what you pay for. I'm going camping, not racing. Is my engine stout enough to simply bolt on some extra torque? I can swap a cam or a head and I can change an intake system, but I'm not equipped or experienced enough to mess with cranks and pistons.

JPG Welcome from California. Nice truck and trailer!

1974 chevy c10 towing capacity

I have a 30 footer myself, no slide outs tho. Welcome BTW. If the GCVW is within range it maybe that you need a little lower rear end gear to make it work. You need to access your engines health first to figure out which direction to head. What engine, Trans, and rear end do you currently have? Trailer brakes? Sway control? Weight distributing hitch. LT C rated tires? These are all safety concerns to have. Car10s Newbie Posts: 35 I love the garage. If I were in that dilemma I would just find a 6.

Quote from: zieg85 on June 03,PM. Basic stats are in my sig, but I'll rehash and expand. I just need some more oomph.


Quote from: egleaves on June 03,PM. I've been a bit suspicious of the timing, but haven't had an opportunity to check it. Truck weighs lbs with a full tank of gas and two meat sacks up front just had it on a scale this morning.