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Instagram is the application which helps the users to share the images and videos on Social media. Instagram is the best platform whenever you want to share the images and videos and real-time stories. If you are sharing any images then there are some limitation on Instagram and that is you cannot download the images and videos with the help of Instagram.

Today, I will be telling you about an application called GBInsta which is the great mod and helps to download the images and videos on your smartphone. Instagram is good in terms of privacy and you can share your images and videos and no one can download it. The only way you can download the image is by taking a screenshot and they need to crop the images which are really a big task and no one wants to work that hard on cropping the image and save it on their phone.

If you will crop the picture it will surely pixelate the image. You can easily crop the images and stories of images. Today, I will tell you the way you can easily save the images, videos, and stories on your smartphone without root.

When it comes to the mods of Instagram the first thing which always comes in our mind is OGInstagram which allows the users to enjoy downloading the Instagram images and videos. That application is not updated since ages so the developer of GBWhatsApp came up with something called as GBInsta which allows the users to download images, videos and stories.

If you know the famous application called as GBWhatsApp which has too many features and allows the users to enjoy theme their WhatsApp.

If you will install GBInsta on your phone then you can easily theme your Instagram with some little tweaks. This is the initial release of the application which allows the users to enjoy theming but in the future, there will be more features. You can enjoy these feature and then you can also enjoy the hidden features of Instagram.

Whenever you install any application on your phone which is modded, then there is one thing which is continuously going in your mind, and that is you will get banned.

Instagram Mod Apk

One of the biggest problem in the Instagram is that you cannot download any images, videos and stories and that is the worst part of Instagram. When you will install Instagram on your phone and if you want to download any images then, what you need to do is take a screenshot and then crop the image. This is what GBInsta will help you and download the images on your phone without any external application installed on your smartphone.

This application is same as Instagram but if you love customization and theming then I will suggest you download this application because personally I love to do customization on my phone and this is the reason why it is the best application.

There are some custom codes and smali files which have been added in this application which helps the users to enjoy theming and then apply the theme, and this is what makes the GBInsta the best application which you can try on your Android phone. If you will look into mods of Instagram, then you will find that most of the mods need to have a rooted device.

instagram ultra apk

This application allows the users to download the images, videos and everything in one click. Downloading and installing this application is easy and not a difficult task. There are two types of application and both the application is having a different package name. I will tell you about this below of this article and how the different packages of the application work. If you want to install this application on your device so you need to normally install this application on your phone and there will be no issues because here the package name of the application is different and you can install dual Instagram on your phone.This mod can not download videos and photos.

It's like the playstore WhatsApp. How to download the images of private account as written in mod features?? Hello bro,my phone has instagram in the system and I can't install your Mod, are you going to launch an update which can be installed?

This won't clash with the built in package. Where has this option been? Hide the display status do not show your name even if you see someone else's story I do not see you. Am lost is this a new version or it's just the same version just reposted? I have tested several instamod all these present bugs after two days when it will open is opening screen shares with other app outside this everything normal while waiting for new update and correction of this bugue.

Weight forgiveness did not know to diser the name of the bugue the bug is that it is opening screen to share the apk every time we enter opens screen of sharing that the bugue I hope to help with my fredback for correction. The only difference between xinsta and this mod is that on xinsta I can see who follows me.

If you can add the option to view who iq following you back like GBInsta it would be amazing. Still force closes not sure what the issue is but get that fixed and you'll have heaps of downloads brother Unfortunately I had to uninstall add it force closed on me when i was doing a 4 way conference video call with work colleagues, kind of made me feel like a fill apologizing.

Great job, I love customization. It's just that gbinsta has some bugs, it's not working properly in my phone.

Gimana cara download nya bang link di atas keterangan nya akun suspend. What is InstaUltra. Hey Everyone! By the way, No more worries at all.Rate this App. It's becoming the norm to watch movies and TV shows from the Netflix catalog on smartphones and tablets.

The increase in the resolution of the screens on devices and the possibility to watch content offlineanytime and anywhere, are factors that have led to the rise of this VoD platform. Read more. You know, the typical post with a person's 9 most successful photos that you've probably already seen a few times floating around your social networks.

instagram ultra apk

Creating this collage is actually a lot easier than you'd think. Here, we'll give you the how-to and also tell you about an app that makes selecting your favorite images a piece of cake. The latest version of the app has just added a new feature users have been waiting for.

TikTok Asia. Google Meet. Facebook Lite. Android Communication Social Instagram. Instagram Latest version Netflix will offer new option to share shows and movies in your Instagram Stories It's becoming the norm to watch movies and TV shows from the Netflix catalog on smartphones and tablets. Opinions about Instagram 4. Previous versions 1 Similar to Instagram Snap Inc Snapchat.

Facebook Facebook. Google Inc. Facebook Facebook Lite. Twitter Twitter.GBInstagram was one of the best Instagram MODs, but sadly the developer has stopped working on it, due to some personal reasons. So here we present you the latest and the best Instagram MOD, InstaUltra APK which has some fantastic and useful features which the users want but the official version of Instagram misses out.


Users can even copy text from Biography and comments. The app has come out recently, and we are expecting from the developers to soon add more and more new features in the upcoming updates. If you have ever been in a case where you like a photo on Instagram and would like to save it in your gallery, but you have t take a screenshot and crop it.

Those days have gone. With the latest version of InstaUltra, users can download images and videos in high resolution directly with a single click of a button.

Just joking never do that, with InstaUltra users can download stories of people they want to, only with a single click of a button, the story gets saved in the form of an image so that you can share it with anyone.

Ever got irritated as the audio in the video is never played automatically in the official Instagram app, you have to click on the video to make the audio play, but with InstaUltra you can head over to InstaUltra settings and modify it to get auto-played when you start a video.

The most irritating feature to me, with official Instagram app users, can share links in video captions or even anywhere except the Bio Page if someone posts a link, it appears as text, and we will have to rewrite the text in our browser, but with InstaUltra users can open the links directly without any hassle. Hence the developers at InstaUltra have been working very hard to enable Anti-Ban and its successful.

Download InstaUltra 0. Download InstaUltra v0. He is another staff writer at TheLeaker who likes to play with the latest phones, Gadgets, and his MacBook. He is the men behind all the Android update threads. You can find him on Twitter and contact him on gerva theleaker. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Gerva Sharma. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Accept Reject.You have to crop the image. Then to crop the image you have to download the photo editor and then you will send it to your friends. Today, I am going to tell you about an app, which will allow you to download Instagram images, videos, stories, and IGTV videos.

This application is like GBInstawhich allows the users to download images and videos. InstaUltra is the mod of Instagram, which allows the users to download the pictures and videos from Instagram. There are a lot of features in this app, which makes this app very unique to other apps out there. If you want to know if your friend is following you back on Instagram, then you will be able to know that as well with the help of InstaUltra.

There are a lot of Instagram Mods out there and they allow you to download the images and videos but there are some drawbacks in those apps. Once you install the app sometimes you never get an update for the app and then, later on, you have to switch to the official version of Instagram. I have seen a lot of users struggling to download the images and videos from Instagram, but those days are now long gone. InstaUltra has the feature which allows users to download the images, videos, stories, and IGTV videos of private accounts as well.

There are package names when you want to install the app on your phone. Every app out there is having a different package name and this package name is different for every app out there.

If you want to install dual Instagram on your phone then you can do so with the help of InstaUltra. Now, if you are new to this app package and stuff, then I will suggest you not to worry about anything and check the below guide to install InstaUltra on your phone. The package name of the application looks like this com.

We will install InstaUltra on our phone. Download InstaUltra. So if you want to download the stories, images, and videos, then you need to follow the instruction given below. This is how you can download and install InstaUltra on your phone. I hope you liked this article. The app has a small problem. When you try to download a picture from many you get option download this picture or all pictures. When I choose it a d download it I get the first picture of the pack.

Como oculto que visualizei os stories das pessoas? Aguardo um retorno. Hello, I really like this app. Any idea why? Normal instagram works just fine but InstaUltra just closes when opening. Bro the app is very good keep up the good work and can u provide an option for custom privacy where we can hide seen for a specific person only??

Please fix, its very essential and usefull. I think you have to add this feature to inhace your ranking among competitors with similar moded app. If you need more information I can send you video in your email to explain what I mean. Will there ba a new update?Instagram Mod Apk — Media sosial kini sudah banyak yang digunakan oleh penggunanya, kalian bisa berkomunikasi dengan banyak teman dan mendapatkan teman baru. Hampir semua pengguna ponsel pintar salah satunya android tentunya memiliki aplikasi media sosial mulai dari facebook, gb whatsappline clone hingga instagram mod apk.

Untuk instagram sendiri merupakan platform media sosial yang masih seumuran jagung tetapi sudah banyak sekali orang-orang yang menggunakannya. Dengan pengguna yang banyak menjadikan instagram sebagai alat untuk mempromosikan atau berjualan. Tentu saja, instagram menjadi alat bisnis yang sangat menjanjikan.

Selain itu, instagram daya tarik tersendiri dan memilki fitur yang berbeda dari beberapa platform media sosial yang lain menjadikan instagram begitu dikagumi oleh penggunanya. Aplikasi ini bisa kalian dapatkan gratis di play store, aplikasi ini selalu memberikan update terbaru untuk penggunanya. Walaupun begitu, terkadang beberapa pengguna merasa kurang puas dengan fitur bawaan dari aplikasi ini.

Download InstaUltra Latest Version 2.0 For Android 2020

Maksud kami, apakah aplikasi ini dapat diubah seperti aplikasi whatsapp mod. Tentunyanya akan menjadi aplikasi paling keren jika dapat melakukan hal yang dapat dilakukan aplikasi whatsapp mod, gb facebook ataupun line clone. Instagram ternyata bisa dibuat seperti itu, bagi yang penasaran seperti apa tambahan aplikasi ini bisa kalian simak ulasan dibawah ini. Aplikasi instagram merupakan aplikasi foto yang sangat populer yang tersedia pada perangkat android dan IOS.

Platform tersebut kini telah menjadi bagian dari keseharian jutaan manusia. Pada awalnya peluncurannya fungsi utama aplikasi Instagram hanyalah seputar menambahkan filter pada foto yang akan diunggah dengan bingkai unik seperti: XPro-II, Earlybird, Lo-fi dan lain sebagainya. Tetapi sekarang aplikasi ini menambahkan fitur yang diadopsinya dari aplikasi Snapchat seperti filter wajah topengsiaran live, stories, dan yang terbaru yaitu IGTV.

Dengan atributnya yang sangat banyak, suksesnya aplikasi Instagram berasal dari kapasitasnya menciptakan interaksi setiap penggunanya dengan tersedianya banyak video, foto, dan momen terbaik di internet. Kalian juga dapat menemukan konten kesukaan dengan mudah hanya melakukan pencarian cepat, dan juga tandai post kalian dengan menambahkan tagar agar banyak diihat.

instagram ultra apk

Kini kalian dapat melihat sudut dunia hanya dengan ponsel dan tanpa harus pergi ketempat tersebut. Selain itu, kalian dapat membagikan momen tersebut ke media sosial lainny. Aplikasi Instagram akan selalu menjadi aplikasi berbagi foto dan video yang sederhana. Tetapi juga menjadi cara baru untuk mengekspresikan diri dan juga mengeksplor dunia.

Selain menjadi aplikasi untuk tetap menjalin kontak dengan orang-orang kesayangan dan juga yang berbagi minat kalian. Kalian juga akan mendapatkan kesenangan ataupun hiburan didalamnya.

Terlepas dari penggunaan aplikasi resmi, terdapat satu aplikasi instagram yang berbeda yaitu instagram mod. Walaupun terdapat fitur instagram mod dark mode pada versi resmi, tetapi pada versi mod ini terdapat fitur yang tidak ada pada aplikasi versi resmi. Aplikasi instagram mod terdapat beberapa orang yang memodifikasi, kalian dapat memilihnya salah satu dari kumpulan instagram mod terbaru hingga sekarang.

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instagram ultra apk

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InstaUltra Latest Version Apk Download v0.9.7.25A [ New Mod 😍 ]

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