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An inspirational, practical guide to success in business and life learned through the opportunities and challenges of growing up as the daughter of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr. A successful businesswoman shares her story of growing up in the world of NASCAR and the lessons she learned along the way. Just like a racecar as it takes to the track, each of us needs a certain amount of fine-tuning for our journey through life.

Kelley never felt she was winning at anything until she began to deal with the thoughts and feelings that were driving her decisions and taking her in the wrong direction.

Her journey of transformation is what empowered her to run the family business in an entirely different way than she had previously and to lead people not only with her head but also with her heart. Become a stronger person and a more effective leader by facing the truth about your own life in a healthy way and then drive to the win!

Kelley is married to L. Miller and is mom to Karsyn, Kennedy, and Wyatt. She is based in Franklin, TN.

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With incredible candor and relatability, she takes readers inside her unique journey and shares a remarkable leadership style that's all her own. Built on integrity, compassion, and the Earnhardt family's trademark drive to succeed, Kelley's story serves as a road map for servant leadership and putting people first.

The look into Kelley and Dale's childhood and her journey to become one of the most influential female executives in all of sports is an inspiration to all. The 'lessons learned' portion of the book only confirms why I have always looked up to Kelley. I have fished with presidents, prime ministers, leaders of industries, and people in the conservation world. Of all the people, including some real characters, I would place Dale Earnhardt Sr.

In many ways, Kelley is a chip off the ol' block. Just like her dad and famous brother, she is one of my heroes. She has the same Earnhardt savvy, drive, fire in the belly, and determination but just happens to be a little--or maybe a lot--more organized. Thanks, Kelley, for sharing your inspirational life story with no holds barred.

I love you, and I love this book! Kelley opens her heart and transforms her personal demons, trials, and tribulations, as well as experience and triumphs, into positive lessons and challenges for the rest of us to garner. Kelley has revealed the paradigm of courage, wisdom, and beauty that she truly is, both inside and out, and presented it in typical, heartfelt Earnhardt fashion to win and help others win as well.

Not only did I learn things about the Earnhardt family growing up, but I learned how to make better decisions in my life at home and in my business ventures. Drive is a must-read for everyone wanting to follow their dreams in life, both personal and professional! Foundation and SherryStrong. While being a great businessperson seems effortless to her, she has an uncanny ability to lead a diverse set of employees while racking up wins, growing the company, serving on boards, and raising a family.

To get a peek inside her mind is a true privilege for those who want the secrets to her success. Kelley will help you win at both like no one else can--with heart and unmatched experience.The celebrity bar owner has cordoned off a corner of the club for a private party -- a celebration of his race team's NASCAR Xfinity Series championship.

As employees, friends and family of JR Motorsports trickle in from the official awards banquet down the street at the NASCAR Hall of Fame and shake off the December sleet and rain, Junior already has integrated himself seamlessly into the party.

He sits faced away from the front door, tux jacket draped over the back of his stool. Hunched over a beer bottle, he leans in to talk with his wife, Amy, beneath the raucous hip-hop and bro-country blasting overhead. Meanwhile, across the table, his sister and team co-owner, Kelley Earnhardt Miller, has hardly touched her glass of white wine. She's constantly scanning the room, looking over her brother to the entrance, where invitees check in.

When one man, a reporter, can't seem to find his invitation and the doorwoman doesn't see his RSVP, Kelley glides over in her floor-length, homespun orange gown to personally escort him in. She checks in with the bar manager to make sure there's enough champagne poured and ready to pass out for the toast she has prepared. Her phone never leaves her hand as she swipes between text threads to see who has arrived and who is still on their way, while keeping an eye on the radar as a snowstorm descends upon the city and the foothills to the north, where she and many of her crew and their families live.

JR Motorsports is a family endeavor, both in name and practice. The siblings with the hallowed racing surname run a relatively small shop of employees. This concentration has enabled JRM to turn a tight budget into outsized success, including 44 series victories and three championships in the past five years, all of which were won with rookie drivers.

The limited focus also has meant that JRM has essentially become a farm team for drivers, crew chiefs, engineers and even support staff to wreck their cars, learn their lessons and then graduate to the big leagues, leaving JRM to almost selflessly help a new young driver navigate the NASCAR learning curve.

Everybody else doesn't get that opportunity. We just like to help people get that opportunity. But for Kelley, there seems to be more to owning a race team than merely as a means to pay back good karma.

She has an almost preternatural desire to take care of the people around her. She acknowledges it as a "Mother Hen" complex, and it's the same impulse that drew her so close to her younger brother when they were kids, the same compulsion that got her into the business of racing years later, and the defining characteristic that makes her one of the most respected and successful owners in NASCAR.

It's the same instinct that, at p. She bounces with the beat and sings along into the microphone. The Earnhardt Empire was built on winning. It started with the patriarch, Dale Sr. Junior followed suit by racing for his father's team and then Hendrick Motorsports with 26 Cup wins, two Daytona titles and 15 consecutive years being voted the sport's most popular driver. But while Junior is the face and name that turns heads of fans and media at these awards banquet red carpets, people who know racing will attest that Kelley has more than blazed her own path in racing.

She started by making a name for herself as a talented, hard-charging driver in late models during a time when the sport was not as welcoming to women as it is now. She's worked apart from her family on the business, events and merchandising side of the industry as well. She stepped in to manage her brother's financial and promotional affairs when he was a driver. And now she is the not-so-secret force behind one of most successful racing teams in any series.

Junior, himself, is blunt and upfront. While the father's accomplishments unquestionably jump-started opportunities for his children later in their lives, Dale Sr. Dale Sr.Last Updated on March 28, That said, what is the exact amount of her net worth? Moreover, what about her married life and husband? Find answers to all these questions along as you scroll down.

So, how does she earn such a huge amount?

kelley earnhardt miller

Kelley magnifies her wealth by engaging in different organizations. She served as chairperson of BlueHarbour. Her hard work and passion for the sports industry eventually gained her numerous business awards and worldwide recognition.

On the top that her brother, Dale Earnhardt Jr. He is also an owner of a television production company, Hammerhead Entertainment. Finally, as per plans, she tied the knot with her husband, Miller on 22 January Kelley walked down an aisle in a classic, white strapless gown. As a matter of fact, this was not her first marriage, not even second, it was actually the third. Initially, she married her lover Ray Holm. However, we cannot find much information regarding her married life and divorce with Holm.

After separating from Holm, Earnhardt tied the knot with her boyfriend, Jimmy Elledge in However, their marriage ended up in a divorce. Miller III. Kelley feels blessed herself for current marriage.

Additionally, Kelley describes herself as a lucky woman for having love of her life. Does She Have Children? Quick Facts About Kelley …. Miller III's wife. September 20, Sahara Joyce. March 23, Suman Adhikari. November 8, thereporter.Kelley Earnhardt Miller born August 28, is famous for being family member.

She currently resides in North Carolina, United States. North Carolina woman who became the co-owner and vice president of JR Motorsports. She is best known as a member of the famous Earnhardt racing family. She is 47 years old and is a Virgo.

She is the daughter of Dale Earnhardt. She competed in local stock car races when she was young. The education details are not available at this time. Please check back soon for updates. Kelley is a Virgo. Virgo is governed by Mercury, the messenger planet of communication. Above all else, Virgos want to help.

They are kind, gentle, and supportive friends and lovers who use their incredible intellect and resourcefulness to problem-solve. Continue to the next page to see Kelley Earnhardt Miller net worth, estimated salary and earnings. The Richest Professions. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. The Richest Professions More. Net Worth Kelley Earnhardt Miller. Sanita Popach Net Worth. Read more. June Crosby Net Worth. Laela Juliana Switzer Net Worth.But the four enclosing walls of a boardroom do little to disguise the men-to-women ratio.

This is pretty cool to be a woman in the sport. The daughter of the legendary Dale Earnhardt, Miller grew up in the sport, roaming track infields with her brother, Dale Earnhardt Jr. The Earnhardt name has always been both a blessing and a curse. We were either loved or hated, pretty much.

kelley earnhardt miller

My dad made us work for things, and we were definitely not handed things on a silver platter. It was during these difficult times that Earnhardt Miller and her brother, Dale, leaned on one another for support. At that time, my dad was committed to his own career as a driver, we were home with nannies and family and things like that. We never stopped. The Kelley-Dale duo became more of a racing team in the early s, as both began racing in the Late Model Stock division on local tracks, along with their half-brother, Kerry Earnhardt.

But despite being the lone female among her brothers, Kelley was no damsel in distress at the race track. We thought she probably had as much or more talent than any of them. But it was difficult. Earnhardt Miller brushes off most hardship in the garage with a smile today, always keeping a positive note in her voice.

But Earnhardt Jr. Some of these guys, when Kelley was racing, they were waiting on her to give them the opportunity to rough her up.

She had this huge standard for herself. She could feel that nobody was overly excited to be a part of her career. And any time she had any kind of setback or struggle, she was super, super emotional and really hard on herself. Equipped with a degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Earnhardt Miller focused her efforts on working full-time at souvenir sales company Action Performance. During her six years with the company, she climbed her way up the ladder to vice president of sales and vice president of procurement.

It was the perfect opportunity because for Earnhardt Miller, racing always has been a family affair. On the flip side of that, I want her to chase her dreams. Just ask Danica Patrick. For Earnhardt Miller, Patrick was more than just a gifted driver — she was living out a dream that Earnhardt Miller once envisioned for herself. The team achieved its first XFINITY championship in when young star Chase Elliott swept to the series crown, and has also earned late-model track titles in and With the company booming, it seemed as though her Earnhardt toughness on the race track transitioned seamlessly into the corporate side of NASCAR.

All those people at JR Motorsports … she has complete control of everything going on there and everyone gladly and happily answers to her because they have so much respect for her. Earnhardt Miller runs her operations the way she would race: Cleanly.Coming to JR Motorsports in as general manager, the company has flourished under her leadership.

William Byron won both the championship and rookie honors inand Tyler Reddick made it three titles overall and two in a row in while earning the rookie title as well.

Brenda Jackson, mother of Dale Jr. and Kelley, dies at 65

All seven were earned since Earnhardt Miller became part of the ownership group with her brother and Rick Hendrick. Her many roles during a six-year span there included vice president of sales and vice president of procurement. His immediate success on the track further catapulted his popularity, and that success called for savvy leadership that could maximize his immense appeal. Earnhardt Miller is married to L. She is the mother to three kids — Karsyn, Kennedy, and Wyatt. Please send your item along with proper self-addressed return packaging, including return address, to:.

Foundation Drivers Edge Development. Josh Berry Connor Mosack. Photos Videos. About Us Careers. Follow EarnhardtKelley. Autograph Request. Tweets by EarnhardtKelley. Websites JRMracing. Foods Whisky River.She is the daughter of Dale Earnhardt. She learned how to drive from her father and she would drive a car around the family farm since she was about 12 or 13 years old. Her father Dale Earnhardt reportedly said that she might be the next great driver from the Earnhardt family because of what ESPN described as her "aggression, mental toughness, a willingness to push the car to its limit".

We thought she probably had as much or more talent than any of them. Brandt is currently one of JR Motorsports' partners, sponsoring the No. Kelley's parents divorced shortly after Dale Jr. As Brenda had no financial support after the fire, she gave up custody of the two children to Earnhardt Sr. During her childhood, Kelley took care of Dale Jr.

Three weeks after year-old Dale Jr. As soon as Dale Jr. She was formerly married to Jimmy Elledge, [10] by whom she has two daughters. Miller III [11] on January 22, The couple has one child.

kelley earnhardt miller

Kelley's daughter Karsyn Elledge participates in midget car racing. She scored her first win at Millbridge Speedway on April 19, On April 22,Brenda Jackson, Earnhardt's biological mother, died at the age of 65 after years of battling cancer. She had served as an accounting specialist for JR Motorsports since From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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