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Forum Rules. Get the latest roadbike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the Roadbikereview Newsletter. Login Register. Remember Me? Results 1 to 7 of 7. Thread: Naphtha as a degreaser? Naphtha as a degreaser? A friend of mine uses naphtha to clean stuff small engine parts, that sort of thingand asked me if it was okay to use it to clean bike stuff. Since I only knew of the stuff as either: 1 an ancient type of soap used by really old ladies; or 2 the category of petroleum distillates that includes gasoline, kerosene, etc.

I told him that it'd probably play hell with anything rubber or plastic on his bike, but I couldn't really say much else. So, I know some of you are chem-ee types; how about a professional opinion? Can you use it as such, or what? Cigarette lighter fluid is naptha.

I can't remember what it likes to eat, but we used it to clean platens on record or disc molding presses prior to mounting the m10 plus phone specs stampers, because it was a solvent that evaporated quickly but not too quickly and left no residue.

Obviously flammability is an issue and it may not be the best thing in the world to breathe, but it has been in common use for a long time. I used it to clean duct tape residue off of my motorcyle seat when changing tape that I had placed over a small rip.

Guitar Shop 101: Safe Ways to Clean Your Guitar's Finish

I got lucky and found a good used seat with no rips or tears and ended that problem. An internet search will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about naptha and then some. I'll give you my Vincent to ride Actually, cigarette lighters use butane, not naptha. We are the We are the central shaft. I think he was refering to the old "Zippo" type lighter.Aliphatic naphthas are useful industrial chemicals with applications that range from heavy-duty fuel to the production of consumer-grade products.

Our comprehensive service offerings make an excellent business partner for all of your chemical needs. Aliphatic naphtha solvents also called aliphatic solvent naphthas fall into a group of flammable chemicals made primarily from petroleum distillates and natural gas condensates. The final liquid hydrocarbon mixture is a clean blend with endless uses.

Aliphatic naphtha blends can be customized depending on its end use. As with many other chemicals in this category, aliphatic naphtha blends are incredibly versatile. It is also commonly used in such consumer products as lantern fuel.

naphtha cleaner

Beyond fuel and cleaning products, aliphatic naphtha products run the gamut. Light aliphatic naphthas are permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products. Naphthas are used in the chemical, fuel, polymer and coatings industries. Specific applications include fuel, gasoline components, intermediate solvent and as a component in silicone polymer production.

In addition to our impressive blending capabilities, we also offer end-to-end chemical handling services. We provide contract filling and packaging for our customers. We also offer storage options — including professional warehousing services and transportation — so you can make smart, economical decisions for your business.

Our customers can attest to our commitment to quality customer services. With a highly regarded team of chemists and chemical handlers, we partner with you to ensure your chemicals are always in the best hands. We provide expertise in handling chemicals, including hazardous and flammable materials. We collaborate with our clients to custom or toll blend chemical products to their specifications.

Our strict quality control guidelines ensure that your product is of high quality and consistency.

Cleaning an Original Finish

We offer custom packaging as well, from small package filling of five gallons or less, to drum and tote filling for quantities greater than five gallons. Find out more about our capabilities in aliphatic naphtha blends and what we can do for you by contacting us today. Aliphatic Naphthas Aliphatic naphthas are useful industrial chemicals with applications that range from heavy-duty fuel to the production of consumer-grade products.

What Are Naphtha Solvents? Aliphatic Naphtha Uses As with many other chemicals in this category, aliphatic naphtha blends are incredibly versatile. Contact Us.

Naptha to clean fuel system & someones rig at Elk City Lake.

Chemical Packaging Products. Recent Blog Posts. What Is Isopropyl Alcohol? What Is Toll Blending? Newsletter Signup. Sign up to receive our newsletters. Blog Company Contact Us. All rights reserved.Fels Naptha is one of those vintage cleaning and laundry soaps that you still want to keep in your modern cleaning closet. It has many household and cleaning uses.

Here are a few…. In these times when we are cutting back on spending, making your own homemade products will surely help you to save. Add this to 1 cup of water. Bring this mixture to a full boil. Allow to cool, before pouring into a bottle with a sprout, you will enjoy doing it.

To remove build up from tile grout, use a corner on a bar of Fels- Naptha soap to rub on the grout. Allow resting for 15 minutes before scrubbing with a toothbrush. Rinse with warm water and dry. To remove those stubborn stains such as make-up stains, grass stains, oil, chocolate and lipstick stains. To get that gunky toilet smelling fresh. Melt a bar of Fels- Naptha in 6 cups of water. Allow to cool, then add to 10 drops of your favorite essential oils.

Pour into your toilet bowl, brush with a toilet brush and flush.

naphtha cleaner

Bad sneakers? Simply rub a wet bar of Fels- Naptha over them, and proceed to clean. This will loosen up grease and mud. Wash or wipe with a wet cloth.

Your sneakers will also have a pleasant odor. Forget about that fancy brand bleach. For whiter whites, dissolve a bar of Fels- Naptha in a sink of water overnight. Allow whites to soak. The next morning, wash as normal. The results will be mind-blowing. To remove scum from your shower, simply rub your Fels- Naptha on a sponge.Naphtha decreased Historically, Naphtha reached an all time high of Naphtha - data, forecasts, historical chart - was last updated on October of Naphtha is expected to trade at Looking forward, we estimate it to trade at Trading Economics members can view, download and compare data from nearly countries, including more than 20 million economic indicators, exchange rates, government bond yields, stock indexes and commodity prices.

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Click here to contact us. Please Paste this Code in your Website. Naphtha is a flammable liquid that can be used as fuel, metal cleaner, high-octane gas and as petrochemical in production of plastics.

Naphtha prices are highly correlated with crude oil as it is generally produced during the refining of crude oil. Each contract represents 1, metric tons. Our market prices are intended to provide you with a reference only, rather than as a basis for making trading decisions. Trading Economics does not verify any data and disclaims any obligation to do so.

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Get recognition from our millions of users. Baltic Dry Index Points 1, Dow Jones. FTSE CAC Naptha, also spelled naphtha, is a type of hydrocarbon that is produced through a distillation process. A major source of naptha is crude oilwhich is processed in refineries to break down the chains of hydrocarbons.

Coal tar also can be processed to yield this hydrocarbon, and it can be extracted from wood. There are many uses for naptha, including as a solvent in laundry soap or cleaning fluid. People have been using this compound for a long time; at least one culture, for example, used it in primitive grenades. Historically, it was often used generally to refer to crude oil. The modern usage, however, refers to an array of hydrocarbons of different compositions that share some structural similarities.

The word — usually using the spelling "naphtha" — is often seen in the names for other hydrocarbon compounds, illustrating the fact that it is often a component ingredient or base in hydrocarbon processing and production.

This chemical is often categorized into one of two categories: aliphatic, or "light," and aromatic, or "heavy. They are sometimes called paraffinic compounds. One common use of this chemical is as a solvent. Naptha is a very strong and versatile solvent which can be used in hydrocarbon cracking, laundry soaps, organic chemistrycleaning fluids, and many other applications.

The product also is used to make varnish and to fuel camping cook stoves and lamps, as well as in the processing of fuels such as gasoline and kerosene.

naphtha cleaner

Some forms of this chemical can be dangerous. A few forms can cause cancer, and many of them cause skin irritation, stomach upset and other health problems when people are exposed to them. Naptha also is unstable and flammable, making it important for people to handle it with care. People who inhale or ingest it should see a doctor as soon as possible, and people who have experienced skin contact with it should shower well to reduce the risk of developing skin irritation. Many refineries produce various forms of naptha.

Each comes with its own material safety data sheet MSDS that provides specific information about its chemical composition, handling precautions, health risks and other characteristics. It is important for anyone who uses this chemical to read this information carefully so that he or she is as knowledgeable as possible before using the chemical. The MSDS also has information about what should be done if someone is accidentally exposed to the chemical or if another emergency situation arises.

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naphtha cleaner

Please enter the following code:. Login: Forgot password?Planet Waves Hydrate center is formulated to condition and clean unfinished fretboards. Naphtha right —the main ingredient in lighter fluid—is safe and effective for cleaning most finishes and hardware. Though each is radically different, they can all be used with a damp cloth. It does an excellent job cleaning dirt, oil, sweat, and oxidation. Planet Waves Hydrate fretboard conditioner is a paraffinic hydrocarbon-based liquid.

Which is not the case for naphtha—essentially lighter fluid. Naphtha-saturated Q-tips do a great job cleaning rusty saddles and bridge hardware. However, naphtha fumes and liquid are toxic to humans, so if you use it, I recommend wearing a mask and gloves.

No matter what brand or type of cleaner you choose, always avoid those that contain silicone, heavy waxes, lacquer thinner, bleach, etc. Household furniture polish and all-purpose cleaners—such as Pine Sol, Windex, and —will also damage your finish.

It will clean the finish, but do you really want a guitar that smells like a pickle? Use a Q-tip right to clean hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Cleaning the finish. When cleaning your guitar, I recommend using a damp paper towel or microfiber cloth. Spray or dab a little cleaner on the towel and gently wipe away the dirt Fig. Avoid saturating your guitar with water. Use a Q-tip for those hard-to-reach areas Fig.

Once the guitar is clean, go over it once more with a clean, damp cloth. Polishing a gloss finish. This really depends on how old the guitar is and what type of finish it has. Keep in mind that every time you use any compound to buff out a finish, you are removing finish, so use polish sparingly and with great discretion. Buffing compounds can remove swirl marks and light scratches in a gloss finish, but you should never buff or polish a satin finish. Please note: If your guitar has a satin finish, never buff or polish it.

Cleaning is fine, but buffing and polishing a satin finish will make it look blotchy. Another cautionary note: If you have a vintage instrument with a nitro finish, be aware that as a normal part of the aging process, most nitro finishes will change color and develop a sheen or patina.

When cleaning a vintage guitar, go easy—you simply want to remove the dirt, oils, and sweat. John LeVan has written five guitar repair books published by Mel Bay. Guitars Bass Amps Pedals Players. Based on experience, I believe cleaning your guitar is more beneficial than polishing or waxing it.

Previous 1 2 Next. More videos from Premier Guitar. Get our email newsletter! Rig Rundowns Most Recent. Rig Rundown: Division of Laura Lee. Rig Rundown: Unearth's Ken Susi. Rig Rundown: Perry Bean's Top Across countless sectors, aliphatic naphtha solvents are found in consumer- and industrial-grade products.

TIP: Naphtha for Cleaning

These chemicals are highly versatile, and a quality blend can make all the difference. At SolvChem, we distribute top-of-the-line chemicals of all kinds, including aliphatic naphtha. Learn more about this useful chemical and what SolvChem can do for you below. Aliphatic naphthas are a liquid hydrocarbon mixture. Also known as aliphatic solvent naphthas, the term covers a category of chemicals derived from petroleum distillates and natural gas condensates.

These chemicals are clean and flammable by nature, and, as such, can be used for a variety of purposes. The chemical blend can be adjusted for use in any number of specific applications. As a leader in customized chemicals and full blending services, SolvChem puts a strong emphasis on quality.

We know naphtha solvents inside and out and can work with your team to ensure you get the exact chemical blend you need for your purposes. From fuels to solvents, naphtha blends are used in an impressive range of industrial chemical applications. One of the primary uses is as a fuel; it is clean burning and puts out a good amount of energy. Naphthas can also be used for insecticides, polymers, coatings and much more.

At SolvChem, we have a solid understanding of how our customers use our products. As are most flammable chemicals, aliphatic naphtha is regarded as hazardous. It must be handled with extreme care and only by trained professionals. Chemical handling is tricky business — when you account for the effort put into blending, moving, storing and transporting chemicals.

Not only is there a risk to the people involved, but improper handling can also damage the chemical itself or other property. No one knows chemical safety better than SolvChem. From start to finish, our chemical handlers take extreme care to ensure all products and individuals are safe. Not only should you demand rigorous safety procedures, but you should never settle for anything short of top quality.