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And unlike most Android ebook readers the Kindle app actually works fairly well, albeit a bit slower than on a phone or tablet. The problem is Amazon tried the large screen Kindle experiment way too soon with the Kindle DX back in The Onyx Boox Note proves that things have changed a lot since then and that E Ink devices are more than capable of handling a variety of ereading and note-taking tasks.

I strongly feel that Amazon should start offering large screen Kindles again.

onyx boox kindle app

Onyx Boox Note Review. Kindle Oasis 2 Review. I strongly agree that Amazon should try again with a larger device. I will email a request…Hopefully others will. You guys are always making review under strong light.

Kindle Oasis vs Onyx Boox Note Comparison Video

Kindle app takes B grade. Sometimes it syncs, sometimes — not. So I was needed to manually select chapter in book where I stopped on my Oasis. Bottom line, for me, main disadvantage is lack of front light and as result gray screen. Compared to it Oasis is white as a snow. There is no bright light shining on the screen in the video. I can understand the lack of a frontlight being an issue for some people, especially those who are newer to ereaders and are used to having a light.

My opinion might change when I see the Likebook Note, which has a frontlight, but they still need to prove that frontlights look good on a large flexible screen.

Simple question — did you try to make video review or at least read book on this Note in the evening? I mean, when common guy return from work, turns on the lights and wants to read some book?

Are you telling me that under such conditions its screen is good for reading? I read on it in the evening all the time. Just turn on a light or a lamp. And definitely loses to Oasis. I agree. A frontlit ereader is always going to be better than a non-frontlit ereader when reading at night. So you have to hate newspapers; and their paper.

When reading at night the frontlight helps, but using frontlight to whiten the background? Yum chaska stories really need that…. Hmm, you can also print a book on paper and with fonts used in newspapers, but for some reason normal and good quality print books printed on white paper, right?

And whole point of front light and high DPI is to make reading experience on eReader as similar to reading print book as it can be. Printed paper is whitened soaking it in chlorine compoundsnot soaking it in… light. Unfortunately eink screens use exactly this suboptimal method to get some extra whiteness. As someone who mainly uses frontlight to improve whiteness i disagree. However on the Boox N96ml U use the frontlight to even be able to read on it.

The screen seems actually darker than my other devices.Password Notices Tip Got Facebook? Last edited by oranges; at PM. However, still the app google play services was impossible to be installed. Just for the information, before I wrote the problem, mine had already had the factory installed "google play store" and it had been working flawlessly.

I just wanted to additionally install "google play services" for google drive, google docs, and other google apps which had required "google play services" for full function.

If I put the device into the sleep mode with wifi connection turned on, the wifi is automatically turned off and it is impossible to turn on wifi again when I wake it up several minutes later, unless rebooting it. Maybe it's because of malfunctioning of power management program. I've tried fiddling with settings to no avail. Concerning installation of Play Services it will be fixed very soon.

I have reported this issue with Play Services two weeks ago, but we didn't have enough time to provide fixes immediately because production and delivery already has started. We also are working on other improvements, so please don't worry, if you see some polishing of the software is needed. We are going polish it to you complete satisfaction. Not an issue per sebut I don't know where to ask and don't particularly want to open a new thread.

I have a rather large document that is in the form of a number of JavaScript files, and also various images; there are. On my desktop or laptop computers, I have the files copied somewhere, and I can access them fom my Web browser.

I tried the same setup on the Onyx Max 2, and it works only partially. The first page will load, but then trying to follow links inside the set of files seems to take forever, and sometimes seems to not work at all.

Is there an issue with JavaScript support on the default browser? I have zero familiarity with Android software - this is my only device running it.

Philippe D. Track Posts by Philippe D. Originally Posted by Booxtor. Originally Posted by oranges. The problem was hard to discover for Chinese testers because of their Firewall to Google.

As I mentioned I have discovered it on my sample device just day before the production started.We continuously improve our device performance. Please download the latest user manual and firmware for your BOOX here.

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Read the instruction carefully before updating your BOOX. Do not mix up the firmware for different models. If you mistakenly update wrong firmware that is not for your model, your device may have to be sent back to us to re-program. There are two methods to update your BOOX. Hungarian User Manual.

onyx boox kindle app

New features:. Allow scribbles for flow documents. The pages with scribbles can be exported from TOC do not support embedding scribbles to original flow documents. Now PDFs also allow scribbles after reflow.

PDFs auto-fits the display width in landscape mode. Flow documents support highlight across pages PDFs do not support. Added a zoom function maximum zoom level: 16x to the Note app, and adjusted the tool placement. Added a language option on the AI interface. Optimized the brush latency for gray colors. Long-pressing on app icons for optimization is back now.

ONYX BOOX Electronic Readers

Added a language option on the handwriting keyboard interface, adjusted the placement for speech input. Optimized the speech recognition interface, and add punctuation input. The system contrast can be set individually on the drop-down menu. Bug fixes:.There has been a lot of interest in the new Onyx Boox Nova e-reader. This is likely due to the 7. It was primarily designed to be an e-book reader and has full compatibility with Google Play to download apps.

It has a color temperature system so you can read in the dark. The display is not as good as the Kobo Forma, but it does have a big advantage over the Oasis. There is no flush screen and bezel on the Nova and it is not waterproof or dustproof. There is a power button on the top and status indicator light. There are no manual page turn buttons, but there is a simple home button on the bottom of the screen. Underneath the hood is a 1.

There is 32GB of storage, but there is no SD card to increase the storage further. Speaking of apps, the Nova is running Android 6. It should be available on other products later this year.

iPad Pro vs ReMarkable vs Onyx Boox Max 2 For Notetaking

It is being called Firmware 2. There has also been some new features for using the stylus, with does not apply to the Nova, but does the Note, Note Plus and MAx2.

There are new options to select, move, rotate, duplicate, resize, and remove handwritten notes and drawings. They also added a new recognition feature that lets you run searches through your handwritten notes. Overall I like the new UI, it brings the clickable interface from the bottom of the screen to the side, which leaves more room to showcase ebooks, manga, newspapers, magazines and other digital content.

I also like the fact they have a new digital bookstore to buy ebooks. Most of them are in Chinese, since Onyx is a Chinese company, but there are a number of English titles too.

Onyx has their own App store, which showcases apps are are compatible. Onyx basically tweaks their firmware so e-reading apps like Kindle, do not have animated page turns.Android e-readers have really grown up this year and many brands are packing some serious hardware power to provide a robust experience. Android e-readers have been around for the past four years and they initially had outdated version of the OS, which severely limited the number of apps that can be installed.

Early models did not have an app store or Google Play and instead forced users to sideload in their own content, which was a tall order for newer users. Energy Sistem is no longer making e-readers and Icarus went bankrupt.

onyx boox kindle app

New contenders have risen to the top of the field and are pumping out a myriad of devices that have a higher version of Android, but also deadly hardware. Android Lite apps are paving the way for a great app experience, checkout our hands on review.

If you are just looking to see what is out there, or are in the market for a new device, these are the best Android e-readers of Boyue Likebook Mars. The Likebook Mars is the most powerful e-reader ever made. Android and Google Play will give you full access to more apps than you can shake a stick at.

The front-lit display has a color temperature system to make reading your favorite books at night fun and delightful. Onyx Boox Nova. The Nova features a 7. Underneath the hood is a 1. You will be able to read in the dark via the frontlit display and it also has a color temperature system. The Sony Digital Paper has always run Android, but the bootloader has been unlocked and many vendors are now providing a few new menu options, alongside the traditional software experience.

You can now access Google Play and install a myriad of apps, which makes this digital note taking device multi-functional. Onyx Boox Note. The Onyx Boox Note is the best e-reader and digital note taking device the company has ever made. It is brimming with great hardware and does not lock you into a walled garden like Sony and Remarkable does. The Onyx Boox Note features a The panel is comprised of Electromagnetic WACOM and a capacitive layer, which means you can use the accompanied stylus or use your fingers to interact with the screen or flip pages of an e-book.

I have never seen an e-reader before with a quad core processor and this is a major selling point. The entire software experience is utterly amazing, apps instantly load and drawing has minimal latency. I was certainly not disappointed with any delays, which was surprising. The Barnes and Noble Nook line of E-ink devices have always run Android, something most people are unaware of. The hardware on this device is middle of the road, but the processor has been optimized for the Carta HD screen and the software experience has been locked down to provide a solid user experience.

There is now a root process available, which can turn this e-reader into a fully functional Android tablet. Good e-Reader 6. The Good e-Reader 6. It has Android 4. This device is part e-reader and part digital note taker, it comes with a stylus.

This is the same technology that Kobo employed in the Forma.The hardware has been upgraded and they finally updated the Android version to 6. I tried it on the Boox N96 a while ago and the app was so slow and buggy it was pretty much unusable. The Kindle app does run a bit slower on the Note than it does on a tablet—page turns and opening menus takes an extra second or two—but overall the app runs fairly smooth.

I read for about an hour this morning without it happening once, but other times it occurs with each page and is distracting. The page refreshes properly and text balloons are easy to read. Panel view even works well. The 9. I was testing it some today with a Bluetooth keyboard and it works well. Surprisingly smooth, in fact. My eyes are quite sensible not a medical condition, luckyly, but anyhow I have to spent countless hours in front of a backlighted displayand I appreciate electrophoretic displays.

Prior Onyx devices were close to that, but android 4. Hi, have u tried the onyx boox max 2 that is ideally suited for typing due to the large screen and hdmi adaptor. If you were a researcher who wants to annotate pdf journal articles and take notes on a device, and use the Mendeley app, which device would you buy? The iPad route is more common for that situation but not everybody likes reading on LCD screens all the time.

They sell softer tips now too. Thank you very much! Your email address will not be published. Comments Would you mind to use it with a bluetooth keyboard using A2 mode? Under the sun if possible!! Thanks, Nathan My eyes are quite sensible not a medical condition, luckyly, but anyhow I have to spent countless hours in front of a backlighted displayand I appreciate electrophoretic displays. I want to believe. Hi- what screen protector would you use with this device? Would you buy this one and customize a screen protector?

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