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That you know all about his amazing work and the miracle oil he has created. The only problem is that his method call for large amounts of cannabis. Please view the video for detailed directions. There seems to be a fuss about this topic.

The type of solvent you use to make ricks oil is not as big of a deal as some may make it. That means you can use EverClear, isopropyl alcohol or Naphtha. Makes it the perfect solvent for homemade RSO. Vodka, moonshine, proof and other similar alcohol products is not a substitute. The alcohol you use must be at least proof.

You can make RSO oil from trimmings, buds, kief and even stems. But, the type of plant materials used will be reflect on the quality of the oil. Using Kief or Hash to make Ricks oil is a different method. Since Hash and Keif consists of mostly trichomes, there is almost no need to filter. You would choose the appropriate strain. Which can has less than.

Also, the oil created will be way more potent then the raw cannabis. Consider the oil to be a highly concentrated version of the strain used. But let me try to give you an idea, from personal experience. One dose of RSO will get you higher than smoking one blunt solo.

This stuff is very strong, I hope that will give you and idea of how much THC is in a single dose. Just so you know, a dose is about the size of a grain of rice. I have read articles suggesting the perfect temperature for cooking your oil.

Some say if the temps are to high, the cannabinoids will burn off. While other say if temps are too low, the THC will not go through Decarboxylataion, which is true. With the Double Boiler method the right temperature is maintained safely. When you make your first batch of oil. You might take notice of the amount of oil that goes to waste. The oil is very stick and hard to totally wipe off of the cooking utensils.

Here are a few tips for higher RSO yields:. It is possible for the solvent to become over saturated and leave behind some residual cannabinoids. By fully covering the raw material in solvent and doing a second and third wash. You will increase your yields and reduce percentage of losses. No matter what you do, there is always seems to be some RSO oil you cant fully recover. Here is a simple tip to help you gather that little bit of oil.

Cannabinoids are fat soluble, this means you can use any fat based products to absorb cannabinoids.This website is informational and cannot diagnose or treat illness or disease. Medical marijuana should be used under the direction of a licensed healthcare provider. This site contains advertisements.

If you click a link and make a purchase, MarijuanaMommy. Some patients only have access to cannabis flower. If this is the case, you may have to make your own weed edibles. I microdoseor take small amounts of medical marijuana at regular intervals, frequently throughout the day. Many of these recipes require cannabis oil or cannabutter. These kief cookies are one of the fastest, easiest edibles I make. If you have cannabutter or cannaoil on hand, these Chocolate Canna-Cups come together really quickly and they make excellent no-bake edibles.

The Magical Butter Machine is the easiest way to make cannaoil and cannabutter. Cannabis is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps fight stress damage. These cannabis cookies are loaded with other antioxidant-packed ingredients resulting in a very potent weed edible. Chocolate and peanut butter is one of my most favorite combinations. This recipe from Herb is another great no-bake edible recipe, but you do need a freezer for this one.

These gummy bears are paleo friendly! I make my tinctures in my Magical Butter Machine. These canna bananas are the fastest edible to make. This edible recipe only requires three ingredients. Sometimes I freeze mine. I use cannabis coconut oil to make these cannabis infused chocolate covered bananas. I make my cannabis infused oil in my Magical Butter Machine. A little bit sweet, a little crunchy, and a whole lot infuse. These infused cereal bars from Herb are made with cannabutter. The Weed Scene offers us more peanut butter magic with these no-bake cookies.

The team at Magical Butter offers a variety of cannabis-infused recipes. Check out these infused hard candy edibles. Try these Thumbprint Cookies from Grasscity. I love small batch edibles. I use two doses of cannabis oil in this Chocolate CannaCake and I eat it over two days.

A little sweet and a little salty, these cannabis-infused spiced nuts are so delicious you might want to make a non-infused version as well. Be careful, this cannabis infused fudge is tough to resist.Stay tuned! Our team will continually update this, providing vegan alternatives and other variations so you might want to go ahead and bookmark this page in your recipes folder!

Organic hemp has been harvested for many years, earlier than most crops, due to high nutritional value and easiness to grow.

rso recipes

Chocolate is the most popular food in the world, which when consumed in raw form leads to longevity and the best day ever. Together, they provide a melt-in-the-mouth texture that is irresistibly fabulous and a superfood. This is a popular variation of chocolate chip cookies. Bake for 7 to 11 minutes or until light brown.

Cool on baking sheets for 2 minutes; remove to wire racks to cool completely. Source : Emarijuana Recipes. Gourmet Hash Oil Chocolate is a basic but delicious chocolate recipe using hash oil to create your own marijuana edible candy bars, cookies and desserts. Dose yourself accordingly using standard mathematics. Once cacao butter has melted all the way down you can add in the vanilla extract.

Cooking with Cannabis

Now add in the cacao powder. To get accurate measure use a smaller spoon and scoop out to the measuring spoon little by little. Next pour in the sweetener. Avoid solid ones as they take a long time to melt and leave not so great consistency in the chocolate. Put the nuts on the burner to heat them up and toast a little bit. At the same time reduce the heat of the chocolate and leave it to cool down.

Finally pour the liquid on a tray or any other container and let it cool for few hours to become solid. Or if you are impatient you could put it in the freezer to speed up the cooling. Source: Youtube. Chocolate hemp macaroons are chewy and chocolaty with a definite hemp flavor.

Whisk together the cacao butter, coconut cream, hemp butter, water, xylitol and salt in a bowl that is set over a pot of hot water. Stir in the shredded coconut and sift in the cacao powder.

How to Make Cannabis Oil (RSO) at Home with Rick Simpson!

Continue stirring until all ingredients are evenly combined. Use a mini ice cream scoop to make balls, transferring them to a parchment paper lined tray. Chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours, until firm.

Store in the fridge for up to 7 days. Source : Vivapura. Mix together Cannabis Coconut Oil, sugar, almond milk, brown sugar, water, cornstarch and vanilla extract in a large bowl.

Set aside. Mix together flour, vegan chocolate chips, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt in a separate bowl. Bake in preheated oven for 8 — 10 minutes. Remove cookies from oven. Leave on baking sheet for 5 minutes. Source : Eat your Cannabis.If you have the luxury of being able to obtain your medicine from a legal dispensary near you, you may have noticed the large selection of edibles that are beginning to overflow the shelves.

These pre-made, pre-packaged cannabis infused treats are more accessible to patients nowadays than ever before, but unfortunately many edibles still come packed with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and other unhealthy ingredients.

While these processed food delights can be an easy way to get medicated on the go, many medical marijuana patients prefer making their own medicated snacks and infused meals — and for good reason.

Join us as we explore all of the popular cannabis cooking techniques and become a master chef in no time! Using cannabis as a medicine begins with understanding the basic science of decarboxylation, and why it is a crucial process in making edibles, tinctures and topical treatments.

To get the full medicinal value out of your cannabis, it needs to be heated to a temperature that is just not possible to obtain in the human digestive system. The major downside of decarboxylating is that some of the more volatile terpenes and other aromatics that give the plant its signature aroma and flavor are lost during the process. THCA and CBDA accumulate in the secretory cavity of the glandular trichomes, which largely occur in female flowers and in most aerial parts of the plants.

The concentration of these compounds depends on the variety of cannabis and its growth, harvesting and storage conditions. THCA is non-psychoactive meaning it does not produce mind and body altering effects.

If you want to achieve the full psychoactive effects of your butters, fats, oils, sugars or alcohols, decarboxylating the plant material to convert the THCA to THC prior to infusion is essential. Control of heating temperatures and times is critical when cooking with cannabis.

Higher CBN levels will produce more sedative effects. Studies show cannabidiol CBD has tremendous medical potential, especially in the treatment of seizure disorders and pediatric patients.

rso recipes

Indications also suggest CBD lowers blood sugar, which makes it desirable for treating diabetes. Its sedative properties make it useful in the treatment of stress-related and sleep disorders.

CBD has a calming effect. This makes it ideal for treating children, the aged or patients that prefer less psychoactive effects. However, if you are not using a high CBD strain, extending the heating process may accomplish no more than burning off the THC. There is much debate and opinion on this process and very little scientific evidence to establish the best method.Place the starting material in a bucket of good depth to prevent the oil solvent mix from splashing out during the washing process.

After the bud has been crushed, add more solvent until the bud material is completely immersed in the solvent. Work the bud material for three to four minutes with the length of wood you used to crush it. Then slowly pour the solvent oil mix off into another clean container, leaving the starting material in the original container, so it can be washed for the second time.

To perform the second wash, add fresh solvent to the starting bud material again, until it is once more immersed in the solvent, and then work it for another three to four minutes, with the piece of wood you have been using. Then, pour the solvent oil mix from the second wash, into the same container that is holding the solvent oil mix from the first wash you did. Trying to perform a third wash on the remaining plant material, produces very little oil and it would be of much less medicinal value as a medicine.

But if you chose to do so the resulting oil from the third wash, could be used to help treat minor problems such as skin conditions. Oils produced from the first wash are the most potent medicinally but if high-grade starting material is used, oil from the second wash also has strong medical benefits as well. If, for some reason, you have to work with material that is not as medicinally active as it should be, it is best to use the oil from the first wash only for internal use and then start to grow, or look for starting material that is of better quality.

Remember, quality is more important than quantity and the more medical values the finished oil contains, the better it will work as a medicine. Use something such as clean water containers, with a small opening at the top and insert funnels into the openings, then put large coffee filters in the funnels. Pour the solvent oil mix from the first and second washes, into the coffee filters and allow the solvent oil mix to drain into the containers, which are holding the funnels and filters to remove any unwanted plant material etc.

The more funnels and containers you use, the faster the oil solvent mix will be filtered. Once the oil solvent mix has been filtered, it is now ready to have the solvent boiled off.

I should also mention that if you are using high quality bud, after the oil solvent mix has been filtered it often looks about the same as gasoline or at times it can be somewhat darker. Remember that the solvent you are using was clear, so the yellow or darker color the solvent has taken on, is actually due to the healing resins which are now dissolved within it.

If you do not already own one, you can purchase an inexpensive large rice cooker with an open top that has both high and low heat settings, to boil the solvent off the oil effectively. But make sure that the rice cooker is set up in a well-ventilated area and then place a fan nearby, to blow away the fumes as the solvent boils off.

This will prevent the fumes from condensing and posing a danger. Rice cookers are designed not to burn the rice as it cooks. So the temperature sensors which are built into these devices, will automatically switch the cooker back on the low heat setting, if the temperature within the cooker begins to get too high.

This temperature is still well below the point that THC and other cannabinoids will vaporize off the oil, which remains in the rice cooker. This is why I strongly recommend the use of a rice cooker, to those who have never produced oil before, since it eliminates any danger of harming the oil in question. Plus the resulting oil is decarboxylated, which is also important, so the oil can achieve its full medicinal benefits.

I suggest that people should not try to use crock-pots and similar appliances to produce oil. When I first tried to produce the oil, I used a crock-pot and since I did not know how much heat these devices can generate, the oil overheated and was ruined.

For by simply doing so, it can save someone new to producing this oil a lot of grief. A distilling device can also be used to produce this medication and reclaim the solvent that is being used. This method really does make more sense than using a rice cooker. But stills which are designed to boil off solvents safely are expensive and most people, do not know how to operate one of these devices properly.By opietaylorJanuary 27, in Marijuana Edibles and Topicals. I am looking for a good method of combining Simpson Oil with Glycerin and also Simpson oil with suckers lollipops.

Anyone out there with some good recipes. Best of luck to you. Yes RSO easily makes oils and butter for baking. Or whatever you are going to bake.

You can just put any of your pure cannabis oil in a gel capsule you can buy cheaply at the health food store. It works great just like that. No cooking required at all. You don't taste it. The dosage is more easily adjusted that way too. As the everything liquifies turn up the heat, it will boil rapidly. Stir often. It should take about 20 minutes to get the temp up to degrees.

At this point I pour into lightly oiled candy molds filling cavities, this gives pieces with 10 mgs rso each, if they are all uniform in size. Lollipops could be made by simply pouring hot goo over a stick on parchment paper, or more accurately with lollipop molds. This candy will pull moisture from the air and become a sticky mess waiting to happen, keep in a ziplock bag to avoid this. Acetone from the start. Tried iso once and found it took way longer and was slightly thicker, muddier.

Could not tell a difference in effects though. There are sets of compounds that are not THC etc. Most of those I wouldn't want in my RSO are taken up by alcohols.

As MEK and acetone absorb water like alcohols, I would assume that they would take up similar compounds as alcohols. The main ones I try to screen out by solubility properties are things like mold toxins. I'm talking about the compounds that the molds produce. These dissolve in solvents. They tend to be readily taken up by alcohols. Want something fast? GW pharm uses pentane in their extraction process.

240 Weed Edible Recipes Because F*ck It, Let’s Get High

A five carbon hydrocarbon cooks off faster than a six carbon hydrocarbon. I've successfully made activated cannabis oil doing a butane extraction first, followed by a winterization step to remove the waxes and lipids using a more polar solvent.Medical Disclaimer: The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking medical treatment because of something you have read on or accessed through this website. These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration FDA. Cannabis and cannabis products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The two most frequently ask questions regarding RSO here at my dispensary are as follows:. In this blog post we will address question number one. How do I consume RSO?

rso recipes

RSO is a thick, dark, tar-like cannabis concentrate that comes in gram sized oral syringes. Make sure the RSO is stored at room temperature. If the RSO gets too cold, it will become more difficult to squeeze out of the oral syringe. If this happens just hold the oral syringe in your hand and let it warm up slightly before using.

This will prevent accidents from pushing too hard on the syringe when the oil is cold. This will work much like eating an edible. It will take 30 minutes — 1. A slightly modified version of eating the RSO is to squeeze your dose out onto a small piece of fruit and eat it. With this method you have the option of holding the fruit in your mouth for a little extra time while chewing. If you hold it in your mouth for minutes you will experience the effects of the RSO via sublingual activation which will be much more immediate.

As you swallow the fruit and RSO combination you will also experience the longer term benefits as it absorbs through the digestive tract. The downside of consuming the oil directly is that is can be messy dealing with getting the proper size dose out of the oral syringe due to the consistency and sticky nature of the RSO. Another way I can suggest to consume RSO is to turn it into an oil based tincture.

Any edible essential oils you might like to add to the tincture. Measure out 2 ounces of organic cold pressed hemp oil and pour into a sauce pan over the lowest heat possible on your stove.

Warm the 2 ounces of hemp oil. Squeeze out the entire contents of 1 gram syringe of RSO into the warm hemp oil. Stir until the RSO is completely dissolved less than 1 minute. Pour RSO infused Hemp oil back into the 2 ounce tincture bottle. You could use lavender or marjoram if you were looking for additional sleep aid. Grapefruit or Orange would be a nice uplifting daytime tincture addition. I use Doterra brand.

Medical Marijuana: 15+ Recipes for Potent Weed Edibles

I know Snow Lotus brand is another reliable brand that has edible quality essential oils. Now you have a 2 ounce bottle of RSO infused oil tincture that will have the same potency of the total milligram rating of your RSO, only now it will be dissolved into a 2 ounce bottle. To determine your dosage use this math: 1 2 ounce bottle will contain roughly 58ml oil. You can figure out the potency of your new tincture by dividing the total milligrams in your gram of RSO by 58ml.

Can another oil besides Hemp oil be used for dissolving the RSO paste?